BATMAN AURORA RISE BENEFIT Auction and Fundraiser This Weekend!

This weekend marks a very important event. There will be a special gathering of Comic Book Artists, Batman Fans, and Concerned Citizens at ALL C'S COLLECTIBLES in Aurora, Colorado on August 25th & 26th to raise funds for the families affected by the recent tragedy in that city.

So far they have received many donations of art ( and many other items as well  ) by some very talented Comic Book Artists. As a matter of fact - Mike Mignola, Matt Fraction, & Steve Niles will be present at their Store location this weekend for a special meet and greet. Plus, many other people have become involved so there's just no telling who will also be there!

So, if you live in the area please be sure to visit. Also, for the rest of us who live too far away, they will be having online auctions & other ways to donate. Please be sure to check out the links provided down below.


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