New BATMAN Products and Merchandise Spotted Everywhere!!

Because Bat-Blog Readers are the coolest people in the world; here are some recent photo submissions where they're sharing brand-new BATMAN Merchandise they have spotted. This is always fun because it keeps us up to date about what new bat-products are out there!

The first two pics are from our Buddy Frank who, I guess, went on a clothes shopping spree lately ( Side Note: He didn't buy me anything, ha ha ) and came across these 2 very cool Batman T-Shirts. The 1st one is from Nordstroms and he found the 2nd one at a Kohl's Store.

Then, here's a cool pic from out friend Christopher who bought some BATMAN Popping Candy at the Dollar Tree Store. I totally love the comic book graphics on this packaging, very cool! ( Thanks Guys, Y'all ROCK! )
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