A Google tablet to $ 99 for Christmas?

According to Digitimes, a new Nexus 7 is about to hit the market. It may raise pressure in competition with a price less than $ 100. And to get the wrong parties to its competitors, it could be marketed to the end of the year.
A Google tablet to $ 99 for Christmas?

Not difficult to understand that this indiscretion, obtained from "industry sources", is intended to Apple who prepared according to the "rumors" to launch a Mini iPad for early 2013. If the design of this tablet will not be a concern, the price may be problematic. How to insert a tablet from an iPad to 409 euros and 219 euros for iPod touch? A Cupertino, pricing specialists will have to cogitate.

The other target is Google, with its obviously Amazon Kindle Fire at 159 euros. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's boss, he will accept to enter into this battle against Google?

If this price war is launched, the main beneficiaries should this time be consumers who find touch tablets at affordable prices.
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