Tim Cook, Apple CEO, apologize

Stopping to offer the Google mapping app on mobile devices, Apple should be a hit with its own version. Instead, with the failures of the application plans, the company was often mocked deserved in view of software defects.
After a silence Surprisingly, Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued an apology on behalf of the company. "With the introduction of Plans, we fell short of this commitment [quality, Ed]. We are very sorry for the frustration caused to our customers and we do everything we can to improve plans. '

The president of Apple does not say how long it will take to achieve a highly reliable tool. He noted that the team is "non-stop" and that the system will improve gradually with users: "More customers use our cards and they will improve. We greatly appreciate all the feedback we have received from you. '
Taking advantage of this missive, the boss does not lose the opportunity to promote alternatives. He advises clients to "try other services until Apple [Apple] Maps improves." For example, it offers to download "card applications in the App Store as Bing, MapQuest and Maze, or use Google Maps or Nokia by going to their websites."

Meanwhile, Google users languish on the eventual arrival of Google Maps on iOS 6. Rumors relayed by the New York Times, evoked his arrival by the end of the year. The company, however, did nothing confirmed. Perhaps to attract users to the application switcher on Android.
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