Facebook : begin charging businesses for posting consumer offers

Facebook Deals allows businesses to post on their Facebook pages offers to users. A user who likes to see pages display offers in its news feed. When the user clicks on an offer such as a discount, he receives an email with the steps to follow to qualify.

Launched earlier this year, Facebook offers will become profitable for companies. They will create an advertisement to promote their offers. It appears therefore as advertising in the news feed of users.

According to reports from Reuters, companies will have to pay at least $ 5 per ad. The cost will vary depending on the size of a Facebook page and therefore the number of users.

Facebook :  begin charging businesses for posting consumer offersAccording to Facebook, the payment will force companies to make their offerings more relevant with a more targeted audience. But it is obviously also a new source of monetization.

The social network recently launched new advertising products that apply to its movable version with a presence in the news feed. Last week, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has argued that his company is now a mobile business and ambition to earn more money on mobile than on computers.
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