Canon EOS 6D review

As before long as you decide up the twenty.2MP Canon Eos 6D you notice that it's quite bit completely different from the Canon Eos 5D Mark III. It's smaller for a begin, being similar in proportions to the Canon Eos 60D. And though it still feels pretty sturdy, it does not feel quite therefore robust because the cameras more up Canon's DSLR line.

There's conjointly no mini-joystick multi-controller for choosing the AF purpose, instead there is a navigation pad within the dial giant dial on the rear of the camera.

The menu system conjointly appearance alittle completely different, with an extended list of possibility tabs across the highest of the screen. All the same old options that you just would expect to seek out in there square measure gift, with one or 2 new additions. The custom functions section, as an example, has associate optical device possibility, and it's doable to regulate however the AF system responds to a amendment in subject distance.

This makes the Canon Eos 6D a additional versatile, customisable possibility than the Canon Eos 60D for sports photographers - though the utmost continuous shooting rate is simply four.5fps. there is not any M.Fn button next to the shutter unleash for adjusting the focusing choices, though.

There's a remarkable possibility within the Playback menu that permits you to form a photobook direct from the camera. this is often a fairly exciting possibility that ties in with Canon's Project 1709 cloud storage plans, since this can change photographers to order prints and books to be created via the net

There square measure 'only' eleven AF points, however they're pretty much unfold across the frame, and also the system is as responsive as we've got come back to expect. the topic is brought neatly into focus once [*fr1] pressing the shutter unleash, even once light-weight levels square measure quite low.

Although the Canon Eos 6D has HDR capture just like the Canon Eos 5D Mark III, this is often a JPEG solely possibility, therefore it isn't quite as exciting for serious photographers because the raw HDR capture possibility of the Canon Eos 5D Mark III.

Wi-Fi property may be a key new feature for the Canon Eos 6D. we tend to we tend toren't able to check this with the pre-production sample that we have to be compelled to use, however it had been smart to envision that you just will produce a nickname for the camera to form it simple to recognise once you are making an attempt to attach.

We look forward to testing this perform after we get a full production sample camera certain our Canon Eos 6D review.

Being able to transfer and share pictures directly has obvious benefits, and it ties in nicely with Canon's Project 1709 beta cloud storage program, proclaimed at constant time because the Canon Eos 6D. this permits you to store, index and think about pictures on a variety of devices, where you're - provided there is an online association.

An iOS and associatedroid app conjointly makes it doable to envision the Live read image on a smartphone screen and trigger the camera's shutter remotely. we've got nonetheless to envision if this can conjointly change you to remotely modify key aspects like the exposure or the main target purpose, however it is a step within the right direction, particularly for life and macro photographers.

The Canon Eos 6D conjointly has GPS technology in-built, that permits pictures to be labeled with location knowledge as they're captured, creating it simple to spot wherever they were taken post-capture, that is helpful for travellers and forgetful photographers.

Even once the camera is turned off, the GPS will record your journey, and it'll be fascinating to envision however this impacts battery life.

Unlike the Canon Eos 650D, the Canon Eos 6D does not have touchscreen technology, and also the 3-inch one,040,000-dot Clear read II digital display screen may be a fastened instead of associate articulating unit.

This provides an honest read in a very vary of sunshine conditions, however predictably direct daylight continues to be a drag, and it is a shame that the screen cannot be canted.

One disappointment is that, in contrast to the Canon Eos 5D Mark III, the Canon Eos 6D does not have a rating button, therefore pictures will solely be appointed a erase of 5 via the menu. It's a straightforward enough method, however it isn't constant as merely striking a button to rate a picture and build it simple to spot after you transfer it to a pc.

Being a DSLR, the Canon Eos 6D conjointly has associate optical finder, and this provides a pleasant bright read with none obvious dimming or corner shading.

One key distinction from the Canon Eos 5D Mark III and Canon Eos 7D is that the Canon Eos 6D solely accepts one American state card.

While this permits the camera to be smaller, we tend to marvel what the implications are for dedicated Live read users and video shooters, since there is guaranteed to be countless heat generated, that may lead to additional image noise or recording motion off. We'll be viewing this after we get a full production sample certain testing.

Speaking of videographers, these users are foiled to be told that the Canon Eos 6D does not have a phone port to change audio to be monitored - there is simply a mic port to facilitate cleaner audio recording.

All things thought-about, the Canon Eos 6D seems like a fairly tight DSLR, with the Wi-Fi and GPS technology being nice bonuses for the common creative person. At 20.2MP, the resolution isn't an excellent deal over that offered by Canon's APS-C format DSLRs, however there ought to be a major image quality advantage.

Those upgrading from a Canon Eos 60D ought to notice it pretty easy, with none major handling changes. you may even be happy that the Canon Eos 6D uses American state format cards instead of CF, however we tend to ponder whether this might be a limiting issue for video shooting.

Priced at £1,799/$2,099 body solely or £2,519.99/$2,899 with associate EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM kit lens, the Canon Eos 6D is appreciably cheaper than the Nikon D600. however the figure still feels slightly on the high facet for a camera aimed toward enthusiast photographers, and plenty of can wait a number of months for the worth to come back down.

The Canon Eos 6D is ready to travel on sale in Dec, {and we tend to|and that we} square measure trying forward to giving it an intensive check as before long as we get a full production sample.
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